ChemiDoc™ Touch Imaging System
• The ChemiDoc Touch System features an intuitive touch-screen interface and best-in-class imaging capabilities
• High-sensitivity detection, powerful quantitation
• Best-in-class performance
• Intuitive touch-screen interface
• Blot normalization with stain-free technology
• High-performance imaging — get the sensitivity of film without the hassles of film processing and its inherent pitfalls; combining this
  sensitivity with a suite of software tools to optimize imaging and quantitation provides an unmatched ability to resolve both the faintest
  and most intense bands into meaningful data
• Easy, flexible interaction — Image Lab Touch Software takes the guesswork out of imaging and puts publication-quality images at
  your fingertips in seconds. Acquire images with a rapid 3-step protocol, then engage a full complement of digital tools to assess, select,
  and export your images
• Stain-free imaging capability — the ChemiDoc Touch Imaging System supports Bio-Rad’s unique stain-free gel technology, enabling you
  to image gels in 5 min without staining, and quantitate bands by total protein normalization